Saturday, June 26, 2010

J.D. Nelson

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Hollow Hoot of the Iron Owl

(Written on a graph paper napkin)

Around the 5th I know of.

Fake walk or schwa.

I feel like an average monster
without the suction cups.

Hoot of the winking sharm.
This cloud of chains.

A mirror Earth in my rear view.
One brain is missing.
It isn't funny.

A robotic crow is an English monster.
Snowflake Rooster is a wooden monster.

Morning is missing.
The wood hoof.

The spyglass aroma of tomorrow.
I call it black and make rainbows.

Toronto is a demanding village.
I can't happen all at once.

Darth Vader cookies.
The frog in Pampers.


mistivelvet said...

This poem is easy to love. This poem is Bruce Patman in Sweet Valley High #5.

Bruce Hodder said...

I don't understand what you mean. Can you explain?

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