Saturday, October 18, 2008

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An apology?

Whilst leaning towards oblivion,
I accidentally tripped on your eyelids,
Which smashed the fish-tank
In symphonic precision
And sent all of the fiji mermaids
Screaming on their bellies,
Ruining your white Christian carpet

In the aftermath,
I searched in my pockets
For some kind of apology
But all I found was link
And a very old condom,
So I guess this will have to do


> Flocking the seagulls

Steaming piles of worm food,
They exit their stables with glee:

I attach their pigeons
In order to avoid confusion
And feelings of preference:

I am king of desolation
And this is my bastard's song


> While you were sweating

Dismal orgies congregate
In groups of ten or twelve.
They sing old church hymns
And pass around the ganja,
Illusive and unimaginative
In their acts of rebellion

5 seconds later and it's time
To get back to work
Swinging slopping limbs
Into every available orifice


> No Sé Nada. Mija

Frustration mounts
Oregon drowns in sand
I lick my wounds
For the billionth time
And wonder:

Does it get better than this?