Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Beatnik: Business As Usual (Well, Sort Of)

For all of my millions of devoted readers--and more pertinently, for those who have sent submissions to this site--no, Beatnik hasn't ceased to exist. But your esteemed editor is having problems with his new landlord and estate agent over the installation of a phone line, and therefore currently has no internet connection.

Business will continue when I have time and funds to rent a pc at Northampton Library, which is where I'm writing this post from, but you won't see the rapid turnover you've grown used to, at least not for a while. Please check back every now and then, though. We like your company here at the Beatnik! And once I've sorted my landlord, my agent, my head and my backlog of emails out, production should resume at something like a regular pace.

That's the hope anyway. The way things have been going since my house move I no longer feel able to take anything for granted exception the likelihood of a plague of faeces descending on us all.