Saturday, November 10, 2007


Maybe Saturday

I've a John Cash haircut
I've a pouch full of grain

I'm an ocelot in the workplace
I'm an herbed duke

Where's my PIN, WaMu?
Where's my jar of ache with vapors?

None Better Breakfast

Squirrel brains & scrambled eggs?
Pork brains canned in milk gravy?
Brain tacos?

Iguana tacos?

Raw hamburger dipped in mayonnaise?
Raw chicken giblets?
Raw liver of ray?

Deep-fried cod tongues?
Deep-fried spiders?
Deep-fried Mars bars?
Deep-fried cat food?

Grilled salamanders?
Fleshy bits of a calf's head?
Banana worm bread?

Dry toast, coffee.

Out Back Burning Newspapers

Up, yush, it did,
up & yup,
it upped.

I slammed into
the side of the bldg
again & again
until my body
was bruised
& broken
& I was bleeding
from hair to heel.

I yupped up
& slammed some more,
examining myself
for the little hurts.

Bring me the new TV Guide
so I can up, up, yup --

someone run & tell
those people upstairs --

up - up - up!

far eye

diamonds, rubies,
emeralds, pearls --
oyster shells,
karate girls.