Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Zoo Haiku

by Leah Hansen

Clouds of thistle
erupt in
thorny rain

Wet wet concrete
giggles; I inhale deep.

Circles! Circles!
smoke glides knowingly

Our poems should have
the assonance of ee.

No longer feel fingers
Too cold
And toes

She stands on shivering
balcony watching wild

Rabbit you hepcat
hippity hoppety high
above the cornfields.

Black bear, No! Blue bear!
the ground still quivers at your
quaking left kneecap.

Platypus you just
swim around in my mind yes
platypussy play!

p l a y !

Roadrunner! you run
sixteen miles chased and chasing
onward forward from.

Stegosaurus must
listen all of us softly
to her melody.

Bobby pins in hair
What is this interesting sensation
in my stomach?

dig magnificent moon dew do
take odyssey to special piano
but hear big jazz ugh


Paul said...

"Bobby pins in hair
What is this interesting sensation
in my stomach?"

ah! the sibelius in that!

Bruce Hodder said...

Great, isn't it?

trudy said...

gotta love a good haiku. i write heaps of them but i dont think they r very traditional, but aaah que sera i say!!!!!! on with the haikus... any opinions greatly noted...

all © trudy rowe 2006
(to be published at the end of the year as "the beat of my mind"

beat carrot
and orange soup
on the stove

to be kerouacs cat
shimmying in the tree
inspiring a shiny new haiku

mind in three places
sight, sound
and in me

sick child holds me
says, mama,
im sick

Anonymous said...

Very shorts, simple and easy to understand, bet some more comments from your side would be great