Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who's Reading The Beatnik?

Really. I'm intrigued. Is anyone reading it? Or is it only the poets/ writers featured on the page? Because we all know how that works. You hear one of yours is in, you go to check it out, read it closely for typos that you can whinge and feel aggrieved about, and maybe you'll look at one or two other writers featured, usually only if you recognise the name. It's a narcissistic game, and I know that because I'm the worst narcissist of them all.

Why am I interested in the readership? I did say, somewhere, that I was in it for the craft; that my models were Coltrane and Dylan, two of the most solipsistic artists ever known. If we're doing something important here, something that's not just blocking up the doorway, isn't it worth doing even if nobody gives a shit?

Yes, probably. I just want to know. So if you do read the Beatnik, why don't you drop me a line? or better, leave a comment at the site. Even if you think something I've posted is the worst piece of crap you've ever read. The page'll be that much more alive for your participation.

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