Monday, February 26, 2007


Gag in the Afternoon

If you could empty your lungs
of all the poison
you would hope that it would improve
your insides

Shades of Klezmer
jagged coughs jolt
as you hack.
Your husky asthmatic whisper
causes quite a stir

Hum in the bar
triumph over smoke
fight the cold night air
as it tries to stop you


Visits to the Chapel of Rest

Tasty tapestry of toasted cheese
red tomato juice remains on my chin.
Please lick it away
kiss me on the lips.

Ill at ease with how you stand
you wander the streets whilst staring at the ground
avoiding the second hand gum,
sidestepping the shit
and used condoms dripping cum

These old well walked roads are beginning to decay
its not your problem
as no matter what you will stay.
The path you walk will still remain the same
as you stand above the clones looking down
on the city from Gas HIll.
You spit on the floor
making your contribution


Upside down you hang by your ankles
admiring the tilting sky.
Surprised when you realize there is no such thing
as an innocent life
for to be brave
you must see the world upside down
as the viola takes you on a trip to Fernhill
amongst the intimate Winelight sparkle of
frozen soundscapes.
Upside down the layers melt away
the air is glorious and warm.
The wind blows gently
as the old trees no longer fall.
Instead our eyes are stroked
absorbing our thoughts
allowing us to stagnate
as all we know
finally disintegrates


I sip cider in a dimly lit bar
blue flashing lights flicker through the blinds
sirens scream outside on Dereham Road
temporarily disturbing the ambience

I look at the women who walk past
they always seem to know who they are
and where they are going.
Everyone around me seems to have someone to
talk to.
Even the strangers

To avoid being accused of staring
I look away
never making eye contact
playing with a damp beer mat
I sit for hours
thinking to myself that I am one
level above being a recluse

April-May March describes herself as "a Factory Girl from Norwich, England."

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trudy said...

oh man that first poem is my fave!!! excellent bruce xox