Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, the big trees now stand alone at Allen's deserted house he gave his secretary the 70 area a house which must be worth a hundred and fifty grand now. We were staying there with wife & two kids & his secretary called from NYC and tried to squeeze rent out of me so we left as soon as we could. The book says no sex with secretary. I guess there were no closets in the farmhouse. Pam used to handle his mail. Mostly poetry wannabees and head hunter gurus and shrinks, etc. Later one of Allen's people moved in and trashed the place leaving a swastika painted on the wall and broken chairs, etc. Pam tried to warn him that we had heard things were going on up there like animal sacrifice and Allen said oh you mean when we feed the pets? Like we were the cops or something. Lucky we had left. I think he was flipping. He was asking about someone in town and Pam was explaining things about the person. I said innocently Oh you don't believe me? And he got mad a called me a redneck creep. I had never seen him like that. We got along better later when we saw each other and never mentioned it again.

Peter put enough money in that old house to have built a new one. We had bought a little building in town for $3,500 as long as Morgan is keeping track of figures. Allen was upset because he thought it would be a bunch of hippies and fuck up his meditation scene, but we made friends in village and actually helped them to accept the odd "farmers" up the hill who came down town and chanted not to drink, etc. Also they had to stay at our little store building some nights when they'd come in from NYC and the snow was too deep to get up the hill.

Much different than Bolinas where Allen I sat to look out over the ocean and he lay down and put my head on his chest. I imagined that was the way they did n the trail in 1800s. very romantically Whitmanesque. A film was made recently about that with cowboys like that was never done until NY movie or Hollywood invented it! Anyway back from Bolinas Allen bought a bunch of Caviar. I said I hated it. Neal said Allen is anal oriented ya' know. I said I'd watch my ass. We all laughed and Neal asked Ann to climb the step ladder with no panties while we jerk off. Just like Lash LaRue, he said. Later there was a reading with a bunch of poets and Neal wanted to read some of the work from his book he was working on. When he got up Allen started hugging his ass and pulling down his pants imploring his love for him. It made the audience uncomfortable and someone, I think Lew Welch or Kirby Doyle said Let the guy read! cp

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