Saturday, January 20, 2007


I'm into physics now and people send me stuff about the poetry business I don't want to spend time on. But Morgan's 7001 lbs of confetti reallly has me pissed.He didn't ask me about any of it. Where did he come from, anyway? Allen always brought heat as Neal and Huncke would understand. I got along with him cordially toward the end because Burroughs asked me not to be so hard on him and I respected Burroughs dearly. Back to Allen who joined me and Neal's girl and another in an orgy because that was popular at that time and Allen always played dumb or was dumb about things I couldn't tell which sometimes, but I showed him how to fk a grl doggie style and he acted like it was enlightenment and went on about it forever. I don't know how deep Morgan's "relationship' was, but an orgy a relationship doesn't make on my part. There were orgies at every pad in S.F. in those days. Also the 1600 was for Huncke's advance because I didn't want to do a Ferlinghtetti literary cheat on him and his book, like Furlinghetti did me. And why does the bore Morgan mention figures, anyway? I can give a lot of figures I know of where Allen was Moloch compared to the poverty i knew He got mostly state & fed money and gave it to his guru. First I saw his fool face in Morgan's book. Looks like Tojo on steriods. You weren't around in WW2, so you don't know the reference? It's all a waste of time. Everything that non-literary fool writes is slanted. He'd make a good Cheney biographer, so wd that Chauncy fucking Miles. Official biography his ass. That would be another Cheney biography. Corso wanted to punch him out. He shda. Boss Morgan makes it seem like we hung around the farm here. Well it was very much the other way around.

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