Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tyson Bley


Ad Busting

grammar bolus on my favorite billboard
at long last replaces energy drinks serving their own  
tentacular life-cycle
viral idea kills for sport
reprimanded, heavy-handed use of handsome chapel output
religion’s alien hand paints
cthulu waffling on
pet peeve jacked up on tourette’s
strange tear obsession driving rend
in best playstation move: umbrella boat runs aground
full of nutella’s motion blur resistance
chicken of the sea tuna head-butting simulated jogger
the street’s snake oil flog; culprit evacuation
logo options based on lifeguard art
drug dead slush pile in pylon grass
russian low-budget swedish massage hints at witchcraft
city-dwelling not around much
brontosaurus college humor: knifeblood’s fresh sharpies
avoid motorcade, resume in ambush’s restless bend
biometric army satire recession
dreamy surgery’s habitable awakening
king of the hill is about shaking your fibonacci sequence string bike chainsaw-less-shotgun-less-bra-less
options based on hungry hungry hippos

Film For Stool

the end of a couple of great loves
shut the rock up
several tetris b-pictures
mysteriously appeared in
the dark dusty backroom
in this muck that was
soprano mosaic

a jenga tower can’t pee around sneezing
but at least remains intact, unlike
some folks who disintegrate
into a mess of blocks
to restore the hovercraft rally
a sonic boom pools beneath the drifter
oil lamp, dig a scar without distraction

all my grandmother wanted
was an official permit to
become nice circuitry
and really, don’t worry about
spare time:
stick the tractor beam with staples
to the model aircraft

holidays are for toes, sneak peeks,
for reactions, the reaction satellite’s
halo-smudged outing,
past the stolen hair lineup,
a bit of learning on the side
i.e. bonnets shutter adultery;
lab-grown books from accidental skin

a couple of notes on dysentery:
changing your mind invariably
coincides with a sharp pain
a famicom disc system says it will
film it for stool
the dry wind likes dramatizing
for sahara above scorched mons
pubis wasteland

anything can happen to androgenic hair, 
tack your lost princess leia bikini
barnacle among the family
photos, that popsicle conglomerate,
monopoly of sightseeing which
got a little piece of the singularity
like a perfectly rendered mega man
on a glasscased chunk of berlin wall

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