Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wayne Russell

on my way to you

and on this long and winding road
forlorn am i
thumb levelled in the racing vengeance of drunken night
hitch hiking in droll stopper

i can't wait to see her face
to embrace her soft slender frame
to kiss her rose petal mouth a flamed
in morning dew

and for now that is all i have to go on
thoughts of her ivory palace
warn asylum
raven haired goddess of my dreams

just making my way back to her in torrential rain
their is no love out here
in the black ink circumference of miserable earth

ties that bind
winding roads inclined
i await that mercy ride to you

Wayne Russell 2010 ©

Wayne Russell’s Bio

Wayne Russell is a native of Tampa, Florida, that now resides
in New Zealand with his wife of ten years and his two children.
Wayne has been writing poetry and being published
in various books, and Zines over the past few years including
Eviscerator Heaven, The Cannon's Mouth Cannon Poets Quarterly,
Iclement, Shoots & Vines, and Poet's Espresso Anthology Moon Mist Valley.

You can read more of Wayne's poetry at

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