Thursday, May 06, 2010

DURABLE GOODS (issues 15 and 16)

Durable Goods is a microzine. The whole thing can be held in a large hand (I tried). Each issue features three poets, one of whom is Aleathia Drehmer, the designer and editor of the zine. Which is fair enough: it's her project, and she sits perfectly well with the other poets, who are -- in these two -- Jim Knowles, Tammy Foster Brewer, Darci Morris and Howie Good.

I'm not terrifically active on the small press scene right now, living as I do in English seclusion, with my new love, and no money, writing my increasingly huge novel Penny's Farm (let's give it a plug), so those names may be newer to me than they are to you, dear reader. But each is a goodie, remarkably free of  banality, and a couple of the poems would grace any collection, so full of wit and striking images are they.

If you're interested in knowing more, go and have a look at the Durable Goods blog at . And do me a favour, tell 'em Junior sent you.

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