Sunday, December 17, 2006

Todd Moore


The Kid followed Three Fingered Jack Slocam down the alley that separated the Desert Rose Saloon and Tess Wilson's Big Trail Gambling Hall. Slocum didn't even know the Kid was there until he heard a boot scrape dirt. When he turned the first thing he saw was the Kid's crooked teeth shining in the red light coming through a window in Tess' joint. He smiled and said, Billy. The Kid said, I'm curious. How did you ever lose those two fingers on your right hand? Shot off, Jack replied. But, you knew that. Sure, the Kid said. But you have to say something to be cordial before you kill a man. At the word kill, Jack went for his pistol, then twisted sideways with three slugs in his guts and chest. How come, he asked bleeding into the dirt? It was your hand, the Kid said. It gave me bad dreams. According to Tess, this was one of the Kid's unrecorded kills.


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