Monday, December 11, 2006

Book Proposal

A note for the gent who wrote to me today with the book proposal about a certain American actor. I won't publish your name just in case you are legit and you wish for the project to remain confidential. I know the publishing game works that way, especially when big money is involved as it would undoubtedly be with the actor in question. But you know who you are.

You will appreciate, kind sir, that I get a lot of emails making similar proposals, and I have to be careful about responding to them too rashly, in this age of internet scamming. Someone out there might be offering me a phoney deal so they can collect my banking details and filch my vast fortune.

If you are legit, and it does sound on the surface like a very interesting idea, can you email me your postal address so I can write to you? Snail mail is so much safer. I will not, of course, divulge your address to anybody, because unlike these internet scammers I'm not an unprincipled criminal scumbag. If you are able to do that, my friend--provide your postal address--I think we will be able to do business.


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