Thursday, November 23, 2006


After The Slam

I met you in a lesbian bar
you were talking with your sister.
It wasn't far of a way to go
to the house you shared with her.
The snow was falling in Chicago that night.
I was ranting about wearing
a pair of Keds and slipping on the pavement.
You were smoking someone else's cigarettes.
When your sister started talking to some girl
you sucked on lemon drops. The bartender had already
called for the final round of drinks, as
we took off for your car.
After I opened up my door, some guitar frets fell on the floor.
The cops passed by us, Mars lights flashing.
They must be weary chasing psychos under cover of night.
The S&M in me was waiting to be undone.
It was still blazing bright in a cool burn
as I admired your leather seats.
I was a fool to think that bondage could release the inner joy.
Yet, my heart was jumping into a bed of unlucky stars
willing to be all then to fumble
and be led away from pleasure, and pain, again.

Carl Macki can be located on the internet at .


Anonymous said...

Dearest Carl:I told your stupid ass to get lost back in mid-2013, that automatically meant keep your sleazy mitts off of my website.You professed 'friendship', and then offered me a gross racial insult. Your "sorry' didn't mean shit to me. you should look in the mirror when you say that, because
clearly you are a liability to yourself. You are just another of the phony white-boys that I've met all of my life. I kicked you out of my Linkedin account because our friends to a degree represent us--I refuse to allow sleazy ass-holes such as you to represent me, my website, and for sure you can never with my permission represent the excellent people that I had invited to my account. You showed that you had no idea what I was about--but you wanted to be there with me! I know when I'm being OBJECTIFIED. You have got me dead wrong if you think that I wish to "hang" with the losers you call friends.Please in the future, keep in mind that mine is a cultural effort, you automatically do not belong.My website security captured someone's IP's all last year--you'd better hope that I can't link it to you.

Carl Macki said...

Hahaha, Antonio Perales del Hierro, you are taking something I wrote as a joke seriously that was in response to one of your soi-disant comments about your greatness as an artist!