Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Beats On MySpace

The people running the various Beat Generation sites on MySpace have responded to my requests to add them to my own network (as you do there), in some surprising ways. All have approved my request except one (more of which in a moment.)

The Ginsberg and Cassady sites then left it at that, with no further communication.

The Kerouac site has exchanged a few messages with me in a polite and supportive way.

Phil Whalen's site, like the man at his best, has been delightful, avuncular, provocative, friendly.

Robert Creeley's site were polite and gentle (okay, he's not Beat, but he's part of that generation, if nothing else.)

But Gregory Corso's site sent me a private message saying I would not be approved because I didn't have any of Gregory's books in my favourites list! I didn't have any of Whalen's, Cassady's or Creeley's either, but they didn't feel the need to be so pretentious about it.

WHOLLY COMMUNION is the one corner of the Beat/ post-Beat world that will expose this kind of nonsense wherever it occurs.

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