Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Beatnik Is Back. Long Live The New Beatnik!

Today the New Beatnik launches.

Remember the old Beatnik? It ran for six years, until other commitments, which included a fortysomething university degree and an unfortunate energy-sapping involvement in politics, took me away from the work that really mattered. Without knowing it, I was also getting ill. I had a growth beginning on my lungs, and pneumonia. But I survived. Suffolk people are stubborn as old tree stumps.

Now the time has come to give Beatnik another go. But this time, or at least for now, it will be a little different. I won't be accepting unsolicited submissions for the time being. The volume of material I received before, once Beatnik was listed online (without my knowledge) as being open for contributions, was crushing. I loved reading the poems, and meeting, long distance, the poets, but I couldn't keep up.

As I say, things may change. I may even get a little helper in. But until then I'll be approaching the poets and asking them for work. With any luck one or two will even say yes.

An important point: the Beatnik reference in the site name doesn't mean that all the poetry is Beat or Beat-inflected. It's just a name, and an indication of my own favourite reading. But my taste in poetry is broad and the material you find here will reflect that.

If you want to correspond with Beatnik, feel free to email me at I'd like to print your messages if possible to stimulate discussion among readers, so if you do write, but you'd rather it stayed private, please mark your email 'not for publication'. I want, also, your recommendations--poets I should be considering for publication here.

Currently I plan to post once or twice a month. The first featured poet, who I saw recently giving a stellar live reading, will be appearing soon. She may not be known by everybody, but I'm sure you'll like her work as much as I do when you read it. Keep an eye on the page, or like The New Beatnik on Facebook for updates.

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