Saturday, November 19, 2011

David Nix: Two Poems

Midnight Meanderings

Dark and twisty
The ash of a cigarette
Spiraling down to oblivion
Never good enough
Used and tossed away
With the filth

Tired but conscious
The ache of an old scar
Pondering endless nothings
Endless everythings
To only return

Alive but dead
Blazing into silence
I am alone.

So It Goes

Cultural boundaries hide nebulous           

All I see are dull people,
arguing dull topics,
with other dull people.
Is it enough to live?
It is enough to die, apparently.
I can’t express my deepest feelings,
but I can ride a mule.
Let’s pick and choose
because it suits our idea of perfection.

Ambitions outweigh our commissions      
          and omissions.

What even is perfection?
Is it our elitist, exclusive
communities of righteousness?
Letting no one in
and no one out?
Fuck that.
It’s not about you.
It’s about everyone.
And everything.

The meek are on a losing streak, so to      

I’m not arguing the idea,
only the practice.
I have no doubt.
I’m just fed up
with the bullshit.
Cliques reject you,
parents hate you,
job enrages you,
and you’re left with the one
who loves you.
I get it.

No one is mistaken, they just need to        

It’s global.
It’s viral.
When devotion becomes zeal,
that’s when you have to watch out.
I just don’t get it.
Live and let live.
Is my point.
Because murder is ok
if you’re told to do it.
You know.

I’m comfortable with the     

People are going to be petty and vile.
You have to accept it.
I don’t know I’m right.
I don’t know much.
But what I do know
is when that sun chases the moon
around the Earth to bring the night,
it goes on.
And on.

A few words for David Nix
Hey everyone! My name is David Nix and I am currently a student at George Mason University and an English major with a concentration in Poetry Writing. I started my college career as a physics major, switching to English because I decided I liked the power of words more than the power of numbers. I hope you enjoy my poems!

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