Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kenneth P. Gurney: Three Poems


Pisum sativum

If people stopped speaking over lunch
and, instead, spoke under lunch,
we would quickly spot
all the nefarious women
giving blow jobs 
for unspecified reasons
(ranging from sexual titillation
to some twisted submissive
domination passion play)
and we might be surprised
how many men copy that action
when their job is on the line,
at least, metaphorically, 
or watch their noses turn brown
(which is Braun in German)
over a conversation we might
mistake for sports talk
due to all the athletic figures of speech
and, if we looked out of the corners
of our eyes, we might see, as well,
all the shades of dogs who wish 
to be in this restaurant 
scarfing up (or down) tidbits
that fall from tables to the carpet—
like those three peas
that fell from your salad fork
on the way to your mouth.

Climate Change

We decided to plant oxygen 
on our farm next spring.
Even though dad argued 
in favor of hydrogen
believing hydrogen fuel cell cars
will be all the rage in a year.
So we worked out a little compromise
and planted the south field
with hydrogen, but there
was so much pollen drift 
caused by the west wind 
that about one half 
of the east field
harvested a flood.

She kept thistle seeds in her pocket

one hundred thousand
nude Barbie dolls
washed up on the shore
just down the beach
from the pier
where the beauty pageant
for eight year old girls
reached its 
crowning climax
and, incredibly,
the solitary sunbather
with the purple topped hair
absorbed by 
the Girl Who Kicked
the Hornets’ Nest
vanished just as
a wild horse galloped 
down the beach
scattering blond heads.

bio:  Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM, USA.  He edits the New Mexico poetry anthology Adobe Walls.  To view a full biography, publishing credits and available books visit

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