Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal


I recognized her face
when she stumbled
into my dream.  Just
another day, flowers
in her curly hair.

“Don’t stare.  It’s not
polite,” she said.
I tried to stroke her hair
with my sleepy hand.
“Don’t stare at me,”
she said again.
The blue spring sky
turned black.  The
flower in her hair wilted.
We were both in tears.

“You must not stare,”
she said.  “I really must
go in a little while.”

I waved goodbye to her.
My heart was in my throat.


The best thing I learned in school
was not the birds, the bees, or the trees.
I could care less of rain, the sun, or snow.
The best thing I learned was your name.

I read thousands of pages.
I took all kinds of tests and quizzes.
But the only thing that made my blood
rush was when I heard your name.

Images of landscapes did
not move me.  Tales of warriors
and kings did not mean much to me.
What mattered most was saying your name.


His head is spinning
over memories and
chances now lost to him.

He feels miserable
and thinks how his life
lacks joy and eloquence.

He daydreams here
and he is young once
again.  The brief daydream

makes him smile.  It saves
him from madness and
the cruelty of time.

He remembers love
lost.  The chance that is
gone now.   He closes his

eyes.  He allows himself
to fall asleep to
give his dizzy head rest.


I could take a day off
eating, take my plate away. 
But don’t take away your love.

I’ll bring you a rose
or any flower of your choosing.
I’ll place it in water.
Nothing brings me more joy
than the joy you bring me.
I was born to love you.

I would struggle without you.
My eyes would go blind.
Having you gone,
would make the earth end.
Your laughter fills up my heart.
It makes me long for you.
It opens up my heart.
It makes my life worth living.

In the darkest hour
your presence is all I need.
If you were gone,
my reasons for living
would be none.  In the street
I would laugh like a madman
with my hands in the air
like a lost soul.

I would walk to the sea
fresh out of laughter.
Into the foamy waters
I would go.  The sea would
take me in, without laughter,
without a flower,
without a rose.
It would be my graveyard.

Late at night
the moon would shine down
at my twisted fate.


Anonymous said...

These poems, read alone or as a group, are wonderful work.

Donal Mahoney

Bruce Hodder said...

Luis has a marvellous touch doesn't he?