Saturday, December 04, 2010

Peter D. Marra

Love Island

A portrait of 2 women

Beasts and
the wild things
Roll in the sand

Waiting for the cloud
explosion to slowly drift
and take them home

Slow sounds
once growls
now whimpering

Face down in the sand
she can’t hear the noise
Wincing forms

And the claws.
The pinup girl lives forever

Drinking sweat and gasoline
Convulsions and climax


The pierced eyes
At the faces of the

Walking out
Of the clock

Moss and dust
Behind her eyes

She stops
Causing the congregation to moan

Halloween altars
Waiting for you

She pounces


1 comment:

Leslie said...

Not easy....lost my original comments due to the google process...I shall begin again.

Mass -
This piece seems light to me around a topic that is quite heavy (for me) dance around with your words here in an arena that holds a great deal of weight. I like that and more so if that is your intention. That it is a woman in the pulpit (so to speak) leads me to thoughts about you and your connection with women.....bringing me to my newest favorite piece -
Love Island -
A Portrait of Two Women
This piece is thick. It has a feral feeling and unlike Mass which seems to speak dancing on the outside as a viewer, this piece pulls me in. The sensuality and expressed physicality is exciting - that it is two woman adds to the beauty and intimacy.
Women....seem to be a place you explore.
Wonderful pieces - I thank you.