Thursday, October 21, 2010



Numbers Game

I used to be somebody.
Had the figures to prove it.
Five nine six four on red
That’s Mister to you
Confirmation one F E and eight and eight and G
EMC zero zero four zero four three in LA
Eight two zero seven in gold
Get out of my way
Nine two double three to clear
And bigger numbers too
Ten pass to the Euro set
Channels on the satellite
Back door code
To the Diamond Lounge
Pins and passwords everywhere
Dot com planets at my fingertips.

Cashed in all my chips
On a Degas whim one day
For a place in the woods
And a river bed.
Now I’m off the screens
In a green ballet
Out of the loop
Up the creek
Without a mouse
I’m the man without a number
On the Quay D`Orsay
No more front row seats
No more safety net
No more cable TV
I’m disconnected
I’ve lost my place in line:

Add it up Bobby:
I get treated like I’m nobody now
Like I am just
Another name.

Thrill Ride 
(Greetings from the Mouse)

This amusement ride involves
High speeds
Sudden drops
Sharp turns
And unexpected stops
In underground torture cells.

True believers
                        Move forward now.
Gates are to the left
                                For those with heart conditions.
Persons prone to motion sickness
                                                      May board the special train.

We’ll get the rest of you later.

1 comment:

Ed Dean said...

Took a bit of re-reading Russ but I got it.
Well done!
Or medium rare if you prefer.