Thursday, July 08, 2010

Peter D. Marra

For Polly

It’s too easy to fall down,

Fractured child
falling from the sun

Waiting on the beach for Time to arrive.

Scraping across the sky,
Grabbing at the clouds,

Gentle bird watching the sounds.

She smiles and
All is well

Baltimore Fell’s Point



The sour taste in the back
While the little children
play in the street

While the parents don’t care that the end is in view
Disaster fights the sun

And electrifies the clouds.
Rubber man can’t stand still

Rubber man can’t stand still
Rubber man can’t stand still

The telephone
is an assassin

While the children lay in the street and
the constant communication keeps

the walls.

The Sin Eater

Clothed in black gauze
For the final sun

Laughing at the moon at rest
Spinning inside the eyes from afar

Her hooves click clack down the hall

Ready to absorb the shadows

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