Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Beatnik Returns (Again)

The BEATNIK is back again after a long lay off caused by a lot of stuff you can root out on the other blog SUFFOLK PUNCH ( if you have a mind, the illness of your esteemed editor and the need to hold down a day job I just gave up being chief among them. Welcome back to the best little poetry and review page on the internet ho ho ho beep beep (as a friend of mine would say).

What's planned for this second (or third) return? Nothing, in particular. I don't make promises to myself or anyone else anymore anyway because I know that some perversity/ obstinacy in my DNA means that as soon as I make a promise, I'm duty bound to break it. But keep an eye on us, if you want to. Who knows? You might read something you like.

Oh, and when this page went out into the world before it did so with the wrong email address attached for submissions. So if you sent anything, please try again. Send work to

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