Sunday, November 11, 2007


if yre an advertiser, kill yrself - no really - bill hicks‏

"ginzy was such a glory hound - pay attention to me - seems his people on myspace have the same media gush syndrome - ridiculous really - his need to advertise, create a mythos, etc puts me off him - think if hed poured those energies into his work - hard to imagine horace after gushy praise... and then i intone the plutonian ode - and wish hed seen what i can hear - the self pimping was not necessary - if only hed believed in the ITE go little book - took care of catullus these millenia"

(From an email, reproduced with kind permish. I was telling Mark how, coincidentally or no, the folks who run the Allen Ginsberg site on MySpace deleted me from their friends list when I started publishing stuff about him on this site that seemed--on a superficial reading--to be unflattering to him. Nice to see someone out there agrees with me ~ Beatnik.)

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