Sunday, September 30, 2007

Careful, Fellows, We Are Being Watched

Now this is interesting: "Kerouac scholar" (that's how he refers to himself) and friend of the Estate Paul Maher Jr. weighs in underneath one of the previous posts with a rather weird attempt at discrediting the only Kerouac biographer recognised in the literary community, Gerald Nicosia. I say weird because Mr. Maher deleted three of his own comments before leaving only a link to some other site. I don't know what's over there, but I can imagine. Now, apparently, he's going around town telling people I'm publishing him as well as Nicosia. Well, no, Paul. I think the friends of the Kerouac Estate have enough of the media rising up on its hind legs like a dog hungry for biscuits, don't you? The problem with a blog page is that ANYBODY can comment. I must figure out a way around that.

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